Zip Time Clock Releases Time Clock iPad app and desktop software

Tom Forster of has released their version of cloud based Time Clock software for businesses of almost all sizes with the help of the team at InspireSmart.  The main reason Tom created the software and iPad App was to help himself, and other businesses better manage the “lost” minutes of hourly employees who manually entered their time and hours on a piece of paper or by other manual means.  Tom figured he could save over $6000 annually simply by eliminating an extra 5 minutes per shift that was lost to forgotten hours worked, but then entered at the end of a pay cycle.

I have been operating gymnastics clubs since 1982. In 2004 I had five locations in Colorado Springs and employed 87 people – 94% were hourly workers. I never used a time clock and was allowing my employees to write their hours down.  I will never forget the morning I had this ‘business epiphany’. It was payday and I was totaling up each employee’s hours when one of my staff rushed in and said she needed to fill out her time card. I watched her try to remember her last two weeks of work shifts. I realized it was my fault that I had such a poor system for tracking hours, so I didn’t say anything. She left and I quickly got out my calculator and did the math.”

Tom went on to say, “If 40 of my 80 employees made a 5 minute error on their time sheet each day and I was paying them an average of $10 an hour what was it costing me? I knew that allowing staff to write hours on a piece of paper was an unprofessional business system, but I was shocked to discover it was costing my company over $6,300 in a year!”  Hence the idea of ZipTimeClock was born out of his own necessity, but also as a means to fill a gap that other businesses would need.

Tom began building his idea by developing software using FileMakerPro. He discovered quickly that a desktop software program was too limiting for today’s business needs. A web based solution was required.  Tom was quoted as saying, “Doing business today, however, requires accessibility; desktop software is too restrictive. Not knowing how to code for the web I found InspireSmart, Inc. and hired them to take my desktop program and make it accessible on the internet.  Though I have written software programs for desktop applications, the Zip Time Clock was my first web software project which was too complicated for me to take on. I received bids from three companies to develop Zip Time Clock and chose Inspire Smart Solutions. I was impressed with their resume and I felt I would get the most individualized attention from their company. Developing web based software is no easy task, I have discovered, and getting prompt attention to the complexities of the program is paramount to launching your project successfully. It has also been super helpful that InspireSmart, Inc. could develop my iPad app at the same time as my web software.”

The Zip Time Clock has a few unique “Time Loss Detection” features that make it one-of-a-kind. Also, the Zip Time Clock is more affordable than any other program they found advertised. They are less expensive because they don’t try to do too much. Admittedly, “we are a time clock system with some helpful communication and time loss prevention features. If a company has a lot of HR needs and compliance issues to maintain then the Zip Time Clock is not for them.”

The Zip Time Clock is the perfect solution for businesses that want to get away from handwritten time sheets, spreadsheets or traditional time clocks.

Zip Time Clock may not be for every business of every size, but almost every business will see substantial savings, and with plans starting at $14/month for up to 20 employees, the return on your investment should be seen almost immediately.

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