Why This Year May be the Year Apple’s App Store Trumps iTunes.

App Store2014 may just be the year!  New data, which was released by AppleInsider, suggests that Apple’s App Store may just trump the iTunes store by a mere six percent!  In terms of revenue, this just may be the App Stores’ first victory since it was launched in 2008.

According to one Morgan Stanley analyst – Katy Huberty – by calender year 2014’s fourth quarter the App Store should account for 53 percent of the company’s revenue.  This projection leaves the iTunes Store with the remaining 47 percent.

Given the fact that the iTunes Store’s revenue has been slowly declining in the past few years (we’ll get to the reasoning for this in a moment), 2014 may just be the year that Apple sees more revenue coming from apps and games rather than it does music or movies.

As services such as Spotify, iTunes Radio and Pandora become increasingly popular – for those that enjoy the freedom of streaming music on their mobile devices – there’s no doubt that they likely share the responsibility for the iTunes Store’s lost revenue.

And, now that the rumors have actually gained traction, as Apple just closed the deal on the Beats music service {Source: USA Today}.  Some experts believe this subscription streaming music service will play an integral role in for the company’s yearly revenue.

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