Track Your Employee’s Time from A Single iPad App with Zip Time Clock

Zip Entry

Create Unlimited Department Schedules with Zip Entry

Zip TIme Clock App Zip Time Clock (free for Zip Time Clock users) by InspireSmart is an intuitive business app that wants to be your comprehensive all-in-one time management app.

If you’ve ever wanted to take the stress and pressure out of the equation or at the very least do away with time cards; then you should definitely check out Zip Time Clock right now.

Zip Time Clock serves as time clock app that allow the user (in this case you or your employee) to easily clock in at the start of their day and clock out at the end of their day.

Through its simple and clean interface – which technically speaking makes it a perfect fit for iOS 7 – you can share messages with your employees or individually in a way that makes it so that they have to check the message before their allowed to clock in.

Time Loss Detection

Time Loss Detection Signals You when Your Employee is Late

But Zip Time Clock’s feature list doesn’t stop there.  In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The apps’ other distinguishing features include:

  • Add unlimited departments/jobs to track
  • ID card log-in
  • Zip or manual entry
  • Time loss detection (works with iPad’s built-in GPS signal)
  • Review hours over a given period

The app is very easy to use and understand.  You can get started by signing up for your Zip Time Clock account on the web based portion and then downloading the iPad app.  There are four tiers you can select between depending on the amount of employees you have which start as low as $14 per month.

You’ll automatically be provided with all of the features mentioned above.  You can create an unlimited number of departments or job you need to keep track of with zip or manual entry.

If you’re interested in learning more about Zip Time Clock, or

Interoffice Messages

Communicate Easily with Your Employees’ via Interoffice Messaging

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