Sales Presentation & Ordering Tool (SPOT) for Wholesale Companies

Are you a wholesale B2B business, or maybe even a direct marketing organization with a devoted sales force?  Maybe your team is deployed at locations around the country…or even the world.  How do you stay in contact with them, train them, and even give them the information they need to not only succeed, but close the sale.  There is a lot of collaboration and CRM tools and software out there to keep everyone on “the same page”, but what about an all-in-one solution that allows you to keep your team up to date on new product and company information, real time inventory levels, training and product videos, digital catalogs, and even an order entry system?  Sounds too good to be true right?  What if it was also simply in the form of an app that can be downloaded into an iPad where you can literally hand it to a new sales person and they can hit the ground running?

This is reality in the form of InspireSmart’s SPOT, or Sales Presentation and Ordering Tool, app.  This app can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and your products, but it will also be branded for a slick and professional sales presentation tool for your sales team.  This is feature laden application that allows you to manage your team without ever having to be present.  Next I will discuss some of the popular of SPOT and how it can help you run your business and any remote employees.


One thing you will notice right off the bat is sleek and functional user interface (UI) as can be seen in the photo above.  It will be self-explanatory to your team on how to quickly deploy the program with very little training.  This also shows professionalism and your forward thinking tech-wise when your customers see it.  Brand identity is another component to the visual appeal of this program.  When there is a new addition to your team, it’s as easy as handing them an iPad with your app and telling them to overview the corporate and branding module. They’ll be selling your product as if it was their own in no time.

Digital Catalog feature

Digital Catalog feature

The digital catalog component is very critical, especially when it comes to new sales representatives, or maybe a customer asks to view the look of a product.  The digital catalog feature allows you to view products and get additional product information instantaneously.  One person’s idea of a pink shoe might be a different color altogether for someone else.  Here you can pull up the actual image and color of the item in question so a buying decision can be made instantly as well.  This will also lessen the effects of having product returned because the color was not what someone expected.

  We all know the relationship between the sales manager and the inventory manager can be tenuous at times.  Especially when the inventory manager is responsible for keeping inventory rotating and fresh, and older seasonal items need to cleared out. 

Run Promotions to clear older inventory

Run Promotions to clear older inventory

With promotional offer feature, your sales manager can create a promotional flyer from within the app itself and immediately deploy to the sales team to get precious slots in the warehouse cleaned out of older inventory.  We all know the stress of clearing inventory to make way for the new season.  This would be even more important when dealing with perishable items like food, beer, and wine.  It would also be a good way to reward your best customers as well.

The sales tools and tips feature is another feature we like to highlight because it acts like a presentation tool where you can create individual presentations that suit the needs of each individual customer.  Organize materials and your thoughts in a clear and concise manner that will only aid in closing new and existing business.  Plus it will help your sales team stay on point to deliver a consistent message.

The account history and summary feature will give your team the ability to hone in lost opportunities and see products that maybe haven’t been ordered in a while.



It will give you an arsenal of data to be prepared for future meeting as well.  Another cool part of the history feature is when it comes to bringing on new sales reps who have no idea about the history of the accounts they are taking on.  Bringing on a new member to the team is never easy. Of all the pains and difficulties involved, the worst is probably training. Training a new sales person not only involves introducing them to your company, brand, product, customers, etc., but it also involves trying to transplant all of the knowledge your old employee had into this new sales person’s brain. While science has yet to invent a tool to make this process instant, our app can help. With the Account History & Summary module, you can sync years and years of data about an account’s past activity to make it easier for your newest sales person to hit the ground running.  We are sure you will find other great uses of this feature as well.

Maybe the most functional and usable features in the SPOT app is the ability to create new orders right at the moment of truth…when your reps are in front of their customers.

Order entry right from your iPad

Order entry right from your iPad

In addition to having access to a full catalog of products, users can place orders for any products by specifying quantities and syncing to the cloud. Once an order is placed, it will appear on the back-end management system where a warehouse manager or other employee can begin processing the order.  And to think, this can all take place before the sales meeting is actually over.  We know some companies opt to have their customers place their orders through an online order entry portal, which you can have to supplement real time order entry.  But what about pre season orders that need to be done right at a tradeshow or product showing as is the case in many industries.  Don’t let your customers slip away and forget what they wanted.  Get the order done today and enter a future ship date to get a better handle on how much inventory you need to keep on hand even months in advance.

As you can see, this is a very, very powerful tool.  It keeps your sales team on the same page, but will elevate your standing with your customer base when they see how committed you are to fulfilling their needs and being a tech forward organization.  It will also allow you to stay connected to your sales team not matter where they are, but will keep your company connected to your sales team as well.  It can also be further customized to meet your specific needs.  Upload product files, employees and anything else.  Gone are the days of sending your sale force out with laptops that crash and take forever to boot up.  Save money on technology by using only iPads, and look better doing it.  But you will also notice an immediate uptick in your team closing sales, but it’s okay with us if you give them the credit for it.

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