Sales Presentation & Ordering Tool

Or SPOT, for short.

Throw away your leather folios & experience a truly unique merchandising tool.

SPOT is a sophisticated and beautiful merchandising tool for iPad that was designed to streamline all of the elements involved in presenting merchandise, taking orders, calculating inventory needs, & standardize branding. The iPad app includes a natively designed front end component for iOS that allows sales teams to present merchandise & process orders for distributors & retailers. The back end web portion allows management teams to estimate sales & analyze performance. It’s a beautiful solution that allows businesses to advance beyond using pen & paper to track sales & orders.

SPOT will:

Make you competitive

  • The iPad provides your sales team with instant access to data, giving you an advantage over the competition

  • Keep your team completely in sync to increase the consistency and strength of your messaging

  • Using Apple’s sleek and modern iPad rather than messy notebooks and binders will improve your company’s image

Make you efficient

  • Increase the speed at which your team receives new documents by eliminating the need for printing and physical distribution of data

  • Free up admin staff to attend to other more important issues

  • Centralize all your communication in one app so the entire team is on the same page

  • Take orders instantly at sales meetings, trade shows, or right in front of your customers

Make you money

  • Go green by going digital and cutting printing and postage costs

  • Ensures accurate forecasting

  • Close more deals when your customers are ready to buy

Make you successful

  • Create tailor made presentations to address each customers’ specific needs

  • View and analyze sales growth with built-in reporting features

  • Increase sales, which will in turn increase sales team commissions and happiness

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