iConnect POS

Simple, cloud-based point of sale.

Integrated, Innovative, Intuitive.

iConnect POS is a complete web, Windows, iPhone, & iPad POS experience, featuring integrated credit card processing, hardware support, appointment booking, reporting, and much more. iConnect POS is the first cloud-based point of sale system to run seamlessly on both Windows and iOS platforms, which gives users the freedom to choose which software and devices they want to use to run their businesses. Every iConnect POS account comes with a full-featured free 15-day trial, during which business owners can evaluate whether the software will suit their needs or not.

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iPad POS

The iConnect iPad POS app turns your iPad into a fully functioning POS system. The iPad app includes a sophisticated suite of features that put it a step above your average POS system. Make sales, add customers, manage employees, track inventory, book appointments, and run your business like never before.

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iPhone POS

Go mobile with the iConnect iPhone POS app. This revolutionary application offers the functionality of a feature-rich point of sale platform on the world’s most revolutionary smartphone device. Your ability to do business shouldn’t be defined by your location, and iConnect POS gives you the ability to make sales and receive payment no matter where you are in the world.

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Windows POS

Now on the world’s most-used operating system, the iConnect Windows POS app runs on both Windows 8 and 10. The Windows app combines the simple, user-friendly interface of iConnect POS with the functionality, security, and reliability of Microsoft’s operating system. Switch between using your POS system on a Microsoft Surface tablet and a desktop PC without ever noticing the difference.

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The iConnect web POS is where it all started. Experience an enterprise-level point of sale platform that is 100% cloud-based. The web POS also includes robust back office functions such as extensive reporting, inventory management, and business intelligence analytics. Run your business from any browser and experience the beauty of cloud POS.

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