One in a Million: 3 Ways to Get Your App Noticed!


We’ve all heard the numbers.  Mobile apps, across the App Store and Google Play, have already approached over one million apps.  What’s more is that they both on average see an increase in thousands of apps per month!

Yes…I said thousands…not hundreds!  Can you believe it?  But wait; it gets even better than that. In fact, according to recent reports, all platforms are expected to grow so explosively in the coming years that it’ll be inevitable that some apps become lost in all of the mayhem.

Some others may just cease to exist because they won’t be found out all while the rest will just vanish in the night from not having received enough downloads.  So…for those of you wondering how you’re going to get your great new app noticed…you’re in luck.

As app development Denver professionals – ones’ that I might add develop for both platforms – we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list some of the best methods that have been proven to not only get an app noticed but downloaded.  They are as follows:

Pay Close Attention to Pricing

We can’t stress this technique enough!  If you overprice your app, no matter how great it is, you could possibly be setting yourself up for failure.

Recent data from Distimo show that one way you can work around this is to debut your app at one price but to shortly then after discount it.  App developers that have used this technique can expect to see a huge spike in downloads.

Another technique that you can use includes offering your app for free while charging for other services, such as points and level ups, within the app itself.

Place Your App in the Right Category

In the App Store, games are by far the most popular category, whereas in Google Play personalization apps take the prize for popularity.  The latter is due to the fact that Android allows the mobile user to customize their device in whichever manner they choose.

Dub Your App Appropriately

Here is where paying extra attention, will pay off in a BIG way. All app development Denver professionals agree that you should include words that are specific to your particular app.

So…if your app is about your barber business, you’ll want to include such words as barber and barber shop.  It’s all about keywords.  And, we all know that keywords are one of the best techniques you can use when marketing your app.

If you’d like more information on how to develop an app that is sure to stand out from the crowd, please feel free to contact InspireSmart at (303) 630-9402.  We welcome the opportunity to build a winning app for your small business!