Looking for a Tarvel and Expense app for your Business? We have what you need

At InspireSmart, we build apps and custom apps for enterprise businesses all over the world, and we have one that has already saved one company tens of thousands of dollars in lost expense report reimbursements to their employees.  If you have a business that employees a substantial sales force, and one where most are travelling around the country, or even the world, how are you auditing all the expense reports and receipts that are coming in on a daily basis?

If you are considering one, or have used one in the past like the one from SAP, not only are you paying a per person license fee, but you are probably also paying per expense report as well which can add up extremely fast if you employee a number of outside, or travelling sales reps.  Are you also mitigating fraud or out-of-network expenses?  Is someone auditing each individual expense and report?  If not, you or someone should be.

InspireSmart has an app that might just meet your needs and the needs of your business.  No license fees or per use fees.  It can also be branded to your corporation as well.

User Interface

User Interface

The app will allow for any number of people to log in and start creating expense reports with their own unique login credentials and set up their account within the app.

Travel and Expense app

Set up customized expense categories

Set up your own custom group of categories that people are allowed to expense to while on the road.  Some things that might be available to expense that you can control are things like alcohol and bar expenses, or for things that employees do in their own time like ball games and such.  If you have international business, you can also set up the type of currency so there’s no need to convert to US dollars

Create company codes and departments

Create company codes and departments

Creating your own custom company codes and expense departments will save your accounting department a lot time diciphering each expense and where each expense needs to be charged to.

Picture4  Your team will have the ability to add, edit, search, submit and delete expenses or expense reports.  They will also have the ability to see which of their expense reports are still in review stage and also which ones have been approved.

Take photos of your expense receipts

Take photos of your expense receipts

You will have full capability to use your phone’s camera to take pictures of the receipts, the people who attended a certain event, or anything else that might be relevant to that particular expense report.

As you can see, it is a very powerful and user friendly app to use and implement in very little time.  The app itself can be customized to fit your brand as well as any additional functionality you would like to see.  Save money on your current expense app, or implement one now for your team.

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