Custom solutions for the future of retail

Why clienteling software?

Clienteling is becoming more and more important in an increasingly mobile world. Whether you customers are buying online at home, through a mobile app on the go, or in-person at a physical location, you need to be able to track preferences and sales history to make the shopping experience as engaging as possible.

Know your customers

InspireSmart’s clienteling solutions integrate into your existing customer database, allowing for flexibility and scalability. Whether your customers convert online or in-store, you’ll have all of their information in a centralized database that can be accessed from virtually any device. This omni-channel approach to clienteling benefits higher management as well as sales associates on the floor. All the customer information you need—including personal details, past purchases, store credit, and more—stored in a secure back end and accessible from a beautifully simple front end.

Scale in seconds

Software scalability can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to clienteling solutions. With years of experience helping businesses grow and scale with multi-location functionality, InspireSmart knows how to strike a balance between robustness and simplicity when it comes to scaling business technology. We can customize how your clienteling software scales by giving you options to replicate data across virtually infinite locations and allowing you to set sophisticated user permissions. And while the functionality might be complex, performing the tasks is made simple with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.