What to Consider Before Diving into Custom App Development

1. Your Brilliant Idea!

Before you jump in and contact a Denver software development or app development company, you must first analyze your brilliant app idea. What are your motivations for creating an app?  Is it going to be a part of your existing business system?  Is it for marketing and advertising use for your business, 0r is it just for personal use? Is it for the iOS or Android? All of these questions can help you mold the right app idea so that you can properly dictate to the developer the right details for your app. Your developer will thank you for making this process a lot easier. Being able to communicate precisely what you need to your developer eases the development of the app. The last thing an app developer wants is to guess certain parts of the development because they weren’t 100% sure of the direction.

2. Clearing Licensing  For Your Brilliant App

Once you have a clear direction of your dream app, you should properly consider all legal matters that your software might encounter. Trademarks, patents, licensing, approvals from distributors–App Store, Google Play, etc. You should properly do research in order to make sure that your app idea does not violate any of the legal rights of other apps that are published. If you’re choosing to develop an app for iOS only, then carefully reading Apple’s app development guidelines should be one of your priorities. Apple is very straight forward with their requirements. The same can be said for Google’s Marketplace approval process.  Proper research needs to be completed before you talk to a developer about your brilliant app. This ensures that your app won’t have any obstacles  that could prevent it from being published and distributed.

3. Price

The average cost of app development will vary by the complexity of the app itself.  A simple app can easily go for around $8,000 to $20,000.  Again, this will depend on the complexity of the app itself. For companies that requires a lot of customization, integration with their existing systems, database configuration, etc., a customized app itself can cost from $40,000 upwards to $150,000. Again the prices are all relative, so no price point will be the same. This price range will also depend on the level of expertise of the company or programmer that you’ve decided to hire. A more established app development company can charge more because the risk level is low compared to an independent app programmer who has low experience with development.

4. Time Frame

Another key detail is the time frame of the development of the app itself.  Proper planning is highly recommended. If you decide to contact an app developer today and ask him/her to develop an app that does everything and demand that you want it done in a week or even a month, chances are that they’ll probably refer you to someone else, or bill you at a higher rate.  If you’re not quite sure of the realistic time-frame for the app, asking your developer would probably be best. If you’re planning on hiring a company that does apps, most of these companies will have project managers that will listen to your app needs, and will tell you realistic expectations regarding your custom app. It is difficult to really give an approximate time frame for the development without knowing all the details.

5. Size of development partner

This will all depend on your needs with the app. If you’re looking for an enterprise level app development, then obviously an app company who specializes in enterprise app development will be the perfect fit, because most of these companies will have the right resources, and they will have a high level of expertise in executing this type of project.

If you’re thinking of doing just a simple app, then an independent app programmer might be the perfect choice. Most skilled app programmers can handle this type of commitment. Most freelance app developers will usually want a project that they can finish in weeks or even months. Anything beyond that might not be something that they can handle. Of course, this isn’t true for every freelance app programmer out there. Different programmers will have different resources.

The bottom line

App development has many layers. These layers will ultimately depend on the direction of your app, and the complexities that need to be addressed. App development requires planning, thorough research of the app idea, realistic expectation of the time frame of the development,  funding, and most importantly skilled programmers.